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Area Rug Cleaning

Wool area rug cleaning typically takes 10 days to complete. The basic steps are listed below. We use a wet immersion process to clean area rugs and oriental rugs. This is the original and in our opinion the best method for thoroughly cleaning a wool rug. Of course we would think this, we cleaned over 55,000 area rugs with this process since the 1930s. The cleaning plant is in our store. If you would like a tour, please ask!


Basic Cleaning


Most rugs we clean fall into this category. If the rug has pet urine, mold, or dyes that may bleed, we will have additional steps in the cleaning process. You can see the additional charges below. Our minimum charge per rug is $45.00.

Call us for a free quote over the phone: 814-238-2732
6' x 9' = $140.00
8' x 10' = $208.00
9' x 12' = $280.00

Pick up & Delivery

Within 20 minutes of State College: 1 person = $65.00, 2 people = $95.00

More than 20 minutes from State College. Call for pick up/delivery charges based on transit time and the rugs to be cleaned.

Odor Digester


This enzyme based odor treatment helps reduce odor from pets, smoke, or mold. Our minimum charge per rug is $35.00. We soak the rug in the solution allowing the enzymes to do their job. We may soak the rug 3-4 times until the odor is neutralized. Call us for quotes on pet urine. Removing large amounts of pet urine takes many extra steps and we calculate the cost on a case by case basis.

Call us for a free quote over the phone: 814-238-2732

Pet Urine


Upon inspection of the rug and discussing the location of the urine, we can give you a quote on removing the urine and cleaning the rug. 

Color Setting


We color test all rugs before cleaning. If needed, we then use a diluted vinegar solution to help reduce the chance of colors bleeding.

Call us for a free quote over the phone: 814-238-2732

Moth Proofing


Our treatment is safe for humans and pets. As a result, it is not guarenteed to kill all insects. The treatment changes the PH of the wool and makes the wool un-appeatizing to moths. It helps reduce the chance of moths damaging the wool. We personnaly use it on the rugs in our homes.

Call us for a free quote over the phone: 814-238-2732

Silk Rug Cleaning


Silk can not be cleaned with water. We use a dry-cleaning solution. This process is labor intensive and the dry-cleaning solution is expensive. As a result, the cost for cleaning a silk rug is more expensive that a wool rug.

Call us for a free quote over the phone: 814-238-2732


Area Rug Cleaning Process


1. inspect and dust rug

We inspect your rug for damages and stains. Then we use a "beater" across the back of the rug to remove as much of the embedded dirt as possible. In a recent 6' x 9' entryway rug, we removed 5 lbs of dirt with this step alone.


2. wash rug

We then wash your rug in a wet submersion process with oriental carpet shampoo. If needed, we add odor fighting enzymes and other solutions to remove organic odors and mold.


3. remove water

Your rug is then placed in a specially designed ringer for a final rinse and to remove water


4. dry the rug

Your area rug is then hung in a climate controlled drying room.


5. Clean Fringe and final inspection

During the last days of drying we clean the fringe. Once the rug is dry, we then comb out the fringe and complete a final inspection of your rug.


Other Services

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area rug repair and resoration

We offer many repair services at our store. For major reweaving we use a trusted company in New York City. Each rug requires an individual appraisal to determine the cost of repairs. We present the costs and benefits of each option available so that the customer can make an educated decision on how to proceed.

Please call us with any questions, 814-238-2732.

fine Oriental and area Rug Appraisals

We can complete many types of appraisals. Let us know why the appraisal is needed and we will tell you what we can provide and the costs involved.

Please call us with any questions, 814-238-2732

Oriental Rug Padding

We carry a complete line of rug padding and would be happy to discuss the best type of pad for your rug.

Please call for current pricing on padding, 814-238-2732.