Kazak - 2'1" x 3'10"

Kazak - 2'1" x 3'10"


Rug Number: 16

Design: Tribal

Construction: 100% wool on a cotton or wool warp and weft. The rug is hand-knotted with a Turkish knot. Our Kazak rugs are almost entirely naturally-dyed. The reason for the phrase "almost entirely naturally-dyed" is because some artisans choose to augment their natural dyes with some commercially-available dyes in order to create the precise color they desire. The wool in Kazaks, like the wool found in Chobis and Gabbehs, is hand spun using a drop-spindle.

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Size: 2'1" x 3'10"

Also available in custom sizes

Price: $560

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